Friday, November 6, 2015

A Snake in the Grass—More Plein Air Paintings

9x12 oil pastel and coloured pencil (mostly pastel).  I use white as a resist for this one, placing white pastel down first, and moving on from there.
IMG_0388The view from my chair.
Early stage.
And here it is, just before I started scraping back. A scary thing to do, because I just have no idea how things will be revealed beneath.
And, oh, the snake in the grass.
I happened to be chomping on a delicious wild apple, freshly plucked from a tree (still yummy in November!!!) so could not help the ‘garden of eden’ sly reference. Thank you snake, delicious apple. The apples are soooooooo good, I’m still not over the novelty of finding sweet tasting snacks along the trail. I have not purchased or eaten a ‘grocery store’ apple since the beginning of September. Yum.


Michelle B. Hendry said...

LOL!! Let's call it a creative omen??
You're inspiring me to get out there with my box before our leaves are gone!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

garter snake?

kaslkaos said...

Michelle, just a warning--plein air is addictive. The weather here will keep me away for a few months, wet and nasty today.
Jennifer, yes, garter snake, really tiny, super cute.


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