Friday, November 20, 2015

A Walk in the Woods—Hollidge Tract Plein Air

This plein air pastel is not a single scene. I went for a walk looking for a place to sit, and as I hiked along the trail, I saw many things of interest, but no one place where I wanted to settle. It was a lovely day too, which always makes me want to keep moving.  So I finished most of my walk first before I found an interesting spot to sit.
I wish I had photos of my spot, but my camera failed me. There were ferns, an interest tree, dainty sunlit hemlocks and leafless deciduous woodlands in the background, but no open water.  But evidence of water is everywhere in this forest, and close below the ground seeping up through the loam, or invisible but evident in the lush growth of trees.  My walk crosses the actual Vivian Creek twice. It’s a lively shallow trout stream that bubbles across pebbles, and rushes over fallen logs.  So it is properly placed in this landscape, which is not about a specific spot as the camera would see it, but of span of place and time—my walk.
As for that failed camera, WHOOT!  I don’t do upgrades, so only a broken camera gives me an excuse to get a new one, and wow, am I happy.  Canon Proshot SX610HS replaces my Canon Proshot 410 (which did me good service as my camera travels with me on my daily exercise). My new camera is smaller, faster, lighter, does better close-ups, zooms 18x vs 3.5x, and does it’s own light balancing, no more fiddling with controls, and, and, and, I might not need my scanner as it photographs artwork beautifully. Sorry, but I really am excited, oh, it cost me less than my old camera.
Artwork today was all photographed (not scanned) with my new toy.
Whites are laid in with white oil pastel and white crayon at the beginning stage, just after sketching in general forms with an orange pencil.  They get covered with colour only to be revealed again at the end. Fun.
As all my other current pastels, oil pastel, heavy layers, scraped back, some details added in as needed over the scraped surface.  In the image above, you might see the difference in texture of the plum pastel sitting on top of the smoother scraped surface.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

so much colour :D great moving water :)

Michelle B. Hendry said...

Gorgeous! So vital...
Yup, my camera is until it breaks too. Although, I invested in a sturdy DSLR so all I'll replace is the body and keep the lenses. Note to self. Don't break lenses!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer and Michelle.
...and the camera keeps getting better.


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