Friday, November 27, 2015

Art for a Rainy Day—Artistic Cat Portrait

8x10 inch oil pastel painting on 11x14 paper.  Yes, that’s Simba’s paw in the lower right corner.
Now we’re into typical November weather, grey, wet and dark.  My plein air painting sessions are definitely on hold for the season. So I decided to work from one of my favourite cat snapshots.  This is Simba and Batman in the Yellow Chair.  There’s much more realism in this than my usual.  Partially, it just seems appropriate for a pet portrait, but the other reason is that the snapshot itself has a very strong abstract composition with broad fields of colour and jet black. I love the way they were piled up in an interlocking tangle.  Less detail would have produced something completely abstract and  unreadable. 
I thought I could let my coloured pencils do the fine details, but they showed up dull in comparison to the richness of the oils, so I had to poke about delicately with a fat black oil pastel.  Somehow managed.
Here it is in the first rough stage, just before I scrape back.  I find it really hard to keep motivated at this point, because it just looks like an unredeemable mess.
An this is intermediate. Still a mess,just at the point where I thought the coloured pencil would same me.  Nope. This is the point where I start mindlessly surfing the web, because I can’t imagination ever getting a finished work of art from this.  Yesterday it was dog forums and training videos. I’ve been dreaming of dogs of late, as I will get a chance to welcome into my household a beautiful border-collie rescue sometime in January. Simba and Batman most likely will disapprove but I promise to keep them safe.  There will always be Cat Land in my house.
Simba inspecting the portrait of himself and brother-in-arms.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love the little paw in the corner :)

really nice kitty portrait, shows how close they are :)

Michelle B. Hendry said...

Cute! Nicely done... I wonder what they think?

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer, the paw in the corner was priceless, did not know it happened until I looked at the pics.
Michelle, Simba looked pretty impressed! I'm sure that was a coincidence, but it was pretty cute seeing him check out the art work.


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