Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dogs, Cats and this and that

(Dynamo & Riker)
(9x12 Oil pastel on Strathmore Bristol)

Worked up another one of my favourite photographs into a memorial portrait of Dynamo with her best buddy Riker. Riker’s still truckin’ on with us, but have to admit, he’s in that ‘old-old’ stage of daily meds and frequent vet visits.
In the meantime, I received a commission of portrait of a yorkshire terrier.  Being for someone other than myself, I somewhat reigned in my style, for more realism, and realized (belatedly) that smaller is neither faster nor easier than larger work (lesson learned).

(Yorkie) (5x7 oil pastel on Strathmore Bristol)
And because all that realism and restraint drove me nuts, here’s the ‘illustrated Batman’, still taped, but I think he’s done.  (8x10 oil pastel and black staedler marker on watercolour paper)

(Batman) (8x10 oilpastel, pan pastel & black marker)
And, in the meantime, I’ve been wildly distracted by the prospect of getting a new dog. Said ‘new dog’ is scheduled to arrive in January, so I have a long wait. The cats are greatful. I’m not just excited, yeah, a new dog! but lots of worry thoughts too, how will the cats feel? Will everything work out, a new dog is not like getting a new couch.
I’ve been going through toys, leashes, dog beds, dog sweaters, gosh, I have an accumulated mountain of this stuff, to pass the time.

(Simba in the bag)
That’s Simba checking out the accumulated hiking and camping gear.  I also have squeaky clean, never been used designer collars (don’t ask), well used but comfy dog beds, dog sweaters (which are human adult cut-offs) all ready. The leashes still hang above the door, the dog bed is in the spare bedroom, all waiting…
for this dude.

He’s still in the Caribbean islands. He will need sweaters (at least for a bit--looks like he’s got a good wool coat ready to grow in as needed).
PS. I should have a ‘count the frisbees’ contest for the one pic. I have no idea how/why I have all those frisbees, only that Dynamo loved frisbees, and always having two the same meant she wouldn’t play ‘keep away’ (in theory).

So yeah, I’ve been distracted, doing too much thinking, too little art, trying to channel some of that energy into brushing up on training knowledge, doing my pet portraits, cruising various ‘dog forums’ and spending too much time worrying about this, that and the other thing that might go wrong. All of which, I think, is also part of grieving. Dynamo the senior, of course, was perfect. Senior dogs always are.


Michelle B. Hendry said...

Love the Batman portrait. So you! There is a dynamic almost fluidity to when you let loose and it says more about the subject.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks, and Batman is such an awesome subject--fun.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

he looks pretty comfy in the boot of the car lol

love the drawing of Batman :D terrier is pretty cute too


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