Friday, December 18, 2015

Oil Pastel, Tutorial, WIP's, Step by Step Pet Portrait

Dynamo & Riker, 9x12 oil pastel
For this one, I took a lot of progress shots, mostly out of curiousity. I've been working with oil pastels for a long time now, and finally it's coming together, so documenting the process is interesting to me. Paint by numbers, it is not.  Above, is mostly finished/finished (the final result with tape removed is my previous post). Here, though, are the tools I used, including a printed reference photo, and my android tablet.  Riker had his eyes almost shut in the ref. photo, and while I thought I knew him well enough to work it out on my own, I was mistaken.  I ended up having to scrap & erase back to white, find a better photo of Riker and work from that to finish Riker's face.

Here it is at the beginning, after I've taped off the edges, outlined delicately in pencil, I lay down thick white pastel for all the whites and highlights, followed by cream and light blue for warm mid-tones, and cool darks, respectively.

Some further fun with primary colours.

Middle stage, time to start scraping back with the art knife.

Just after scraping back, revealing some lovely colours, but needing details in darks and lights. Because of the white and blue layers below, highlights can be brought back in with the knife and soft eraser.  And the finish line, you've already seen.
That's it. Whether I'm doing 'realism' (or my reasonable facsimile thereof) or abstract, I pretty much use the same technique and steps.

And, on the 'waiting for Nino' front, I am so pathetic, I 'borrowed' someone's dog. This is Tessa, and she needed more exercise than her mom can give her; I needed some sunshine, so I borrowed her. Tessa thought she was being kidnapped, so I had to baby talk her all the way through. Sadly, Tessa's moving out of the neighbourhood soon, so I won't be borrowing her again.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love seeing step by steps :) its so interesting seeing how other artists work


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