Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dog Obsessed

Five more sleeps to Nino/Merlin/Votan/whatever name we come up with. Flight date is Jan 12th, a life drawing day; I'll likely end up drawing dogs instead.
I've finally started a sketchbook, a very tiny sketchbook, after deciding to take advice given to a friend who is too busy (literally) to make art. The advice is to make VERY SMALL ART. This sketchbook is 3.25x5.5 inches, stone paper/terraskin (more on that later).  Me, I have the time, but not the concentration because I am DOG OBSESSED.
Thinking up dog names, asking about dog names, reading dog forums, watching dog training videos on youtube, gathering leashes, & equipment, even finding an excuse to purchase a brand new bait bag (my old one is just a tad frumpy).
Yep, there he is again. He's a border collie mix (looks like a border collie with half-cocked ears and one blue eye, and he's already poking his nose everywhere.  I really really hope it all works out. Funny how revealing some of semi-abstract sketches can be.
And here he is, or 'there' he is, still in the Dominican Republic.  Five more sleeps.
& Winter did finally arrive in Ontario Canada, first cross-country ski excursion on January 1st.

And, erm, Simba's toy obsessed. I made a toy of feathers, duct tape, fishing line and a stick, and now he does nothing but sit and stare at me waiting for me to play (I made the mistake of hiding it under my pillow--once).
So there it is, notes from the sketchbook.  Art and life.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

bait bag?

kaslkaos said...

I train with treats/clicker trainer. You need a little bag to hold the treats for snappy fast rewards. Of course I could go the dollar store and buy a cheap money belt/hip belt but that was not nearly as fun as cruising amazon for snap shut multi-pocket with reflective stripe purpose built treat bag. Now you know.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ah ok :) Haven't been able to clicker train a dog yet, don't know enough about it to try. Just use a lot of patience and treats to reward good behavior, ignore bad. most of the dogs I've had have been easy to train, well except the great dane, I think he was just an idiot tho :p

Michelle B. Hendry said...

Love the texture on the chest of the first one...
Obsession can be good once in a while! Looking forward to updates!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle.
Jennifer, clicker training is pretty easy. I could give lessons on an instant fun exercise. Hmmmm...


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