Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Life Drawing Tuesday--New Male Model

We had a new model this week; the gallery is doing a great job in finding our inspiration.  Models and the poses they chose are an integral part of life drawing, one cannot happen without the other, and it is one of the best aspects of life, the synergy between model and artist.

I would think he would concur. He asked permission and took photos of some of our sketches. It is probably very interesting to watch all the differing interpretations of a pose that a group of artists come up with.

To be the model and creator of that pose, is probably a pretty powerful feeling.  

Posting this last pic as it was a materials experiment. The paper is stonehenge, and it was linocut misprint. I hate discarding good paper, so instead I overprinted with the roller until it was black (using the ink I would need to wipe off the plate anyway), and put it aside for life drawing. This one is oil pastel on matt black water-based ink.  I found it gets overworked very quickly, and is very intolerant of mistakes. You can't change or fix anything. You cannot increase a highlight after the fact.  It did, however, produce a fascinating range in layered colours. Jet black can be added in afterwards with black oil pastel. The size, 8x10, may have been part of the problem, being small for the combination of tools and subject.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I wouldn't call Stonehange good paper... :p (hate the stuff)

more great life drawings :)

kaslkaos said...

hate it for drawing, printmaking or both? I think it's meant for printmaking, but I really like smooth papers for drawing too.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I actually don't mind it for printmaking, which is yeah what it was meant for originally. but for drawing, dont like it for any kind of media. The black type tho, I don't mind, seems to act differently. very odd

Michelle B. Hendry said...

The first two drawings make me think of the stylized forms in some graphic novels. Nice job.

kaslkaos said...

Michelle--good call, I'm pretty sure graphic novels are an influence for me.
Jennifer, I use it for printmaking to. This one was black over-printed, so quite different from drawing directly on the surface.


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