Thursday, January 14, 2016

Notes from the Sketchbook--The First Page & Onwards

The cover page. I actually did this month ago. I just could not get started. Blue pen.  Today I went back to it and added oil pastel, just rough things up.  It's a non-linear sketchbook. Start dates will not match finish dates.  If something doesn't work out, I'll layer over, even black it out (I have two blacked out pages thus far, waiting for the next step).  
This one is black fine liner pen, copic marker and oil pastel.  Yep, playing the numbers game again, because I couldn't think of where to start.
There was probably a dog in there somewhere...
This one got start in the theatre while I waited for Star Wars--the Force Awake to begin--seriously. I hate waiting for things, and I even more hate being a captive audience, so I brought along some toys. I first brought out my Android tablet, and my husband said, oh, your just like everyone else poking around on your device. Yikes, no! So I put that thing away and pulled out the sketch and a sharpie marker and work on 3 different sketches in the dim light of the 'pre-show'. Colours were added later.

BTW. Really enjoyed Star Wars. It was fun, and that's what I was there for.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

haven't seen Star Wars yet, might have to wait for the blu-ray

hate the first page of a sketch book, so blank and so intimidating sometimes. you don't want to fill the book with junk, but thats what sketchbooks are for but that first blank page cause anxiety lol I prob think about it too much

nice colourful sketches :D

kaslkaos said...

It's a phobia that artists share--first-page-itis

Michelle B. Hendry said...

Yes - phobia shared. One of my teachers has dozens of packed sketchbooks. You're inspiring me again. I decorated a sketchbook cover a couple years ago and used the inside like I did as a graphic designer - for thumbnails. Boring and gray! I like the page of finished art!

Not seen Star Wars yet here either! Maybe soon! Maybe DVD... LOL!


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