Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Notes from the Sketchbook

"don't be afraid of the animals--they have beautiful minds"

Just another mini-sketch, with the tools of the trade.  Alas, Sonic found one of them, yum, can you see which one?

I finished my mini-book, Yay!  It is the first ever completed sketchbook without a single page ripped or torn out.  This is a milestone for me. As a treat, I bought myself a Moleskine sketchbook, but I had no time for art store shopping (re: Sonic) so I picked up the only blank Moleskine available at Staples, which is bigger. I will try not to be intimidated.  I was surprised at how parchment thin the pages are, but already tried my layered and scraped oil pastel techniques and it seems to work just fine. I'll leave every other page blank as a 'protector' page, and that way the translucence won't reveal the page below.
I'd give you pictures, but my camera is still in the shop, and I'm finding using my tablet to snap and post pics to be a bit of a pita.
Life drawing tuesday posts suspended too.  My 'art' days are Sonic days.  So much to train and learn, and I don't take well to changes. But he is doing really well, and my shyest (Simba) cat is just beginning to come around. Sonic is snoozing on the couch, apparently playing "101 Things to do with a box", plus 'don't stare at the cat", plus, 'no, you don't really need to go ballistic when you see the neighbours great dane walk by the window', plus, 'don't worry, the deep voiced throaty growly German Shepherd is not going bust out of that there garage' really tuckered him out. Much to learn and be learned.
On the fabulous front, Sonic was PERFECT at the nursing home this weekend. PERFECT.  Unbelievably perfect, so I he gets to join us on our regular Saturday rounds.  He was also pretty fabulous meeting unleashed dogs in the woods as long as he has a full 30 feet of long line to manoevre. Sonic is a dog that spent the first year and a half unleashed, leashes suck.
That's it for now.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yay! for finishing a sketchbook :) and tool is not not too chewed ;)

and that is really good news about the nursing home :) good for hi and good for the people in the home

Michelle B. Hendry said...

I'm inspired!
I won't share what my cat did to my paint box once when he was mad at me. Bad cat.
Sonic in a nursing home... Hmmmmm LOL!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer, yep, I'm thrilled. I got some history, turns out he was raised in an apartment, free-range dog, so he knows how to get through crowds of people without annoying anyone.
Michelle, I think you just did...and, erm, was that not an ingredient for paints way back when? No need to answer. Are you starting a sketchbook? Sharing anywhere?

Michelle B. Hendry said...

I did the cover of one a couple years ago (the Japanese kintsugi style), but my habit is to use the inside like a graphic designer, thumbnails of developing designs. Not interesting! But I'm inclined to try full colour pages now...


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