Friday, January 29, 2016

Worlds Easiest & Cheapest DIY Dog Toy

 Yep, that's it in the upper left corner.
Here's what you need.
One pair of clean (you'll see why next) track pant you no longer want.
Here's what you do with it.
1. tie a knot, nice and tight on the end of the leg.
2. cut off the extra. (you weren't expecting rocket science, were you???)
You're almost done.
Loading the toy. (this is the fun part).
Show it to your dog, then look at the toy, really look at the toy like it's the most fun thing ever. Look at the dog, sidewise even better, look at the toy. Open wide  and CHOMP the toy (remember, I said CLEAN pants), Yum, bite hard, look at the dog. The dog should be looking mighty curious by now.
Chomp again, yum! Give it a shake, yum! Tease your dog, and chomp & shake again.
And, when you're dog is really ready, (Sonic by this time had eyes big as saucers, and had is mouth open in an 'I want that, and I want to BITE IT' expression).
Toss the toy.
You're done, now you can make another. (oh, and make sure your socks are in the drawer. If you use a toy like this, socks are fair game)
So you can tell I'm pretty occupied still. Getting a bit more art done, but staying with the sketchbooks.  Upper image is the Moleskine sketchbook using pastel & pencil. And yes, I took him to the dog park to train on a 30 ft long line.  Stouffville has an awesome dog park, with a scenic paved (technically leashed) walking area around a reservoir (landscaped with trees), and two fenced enclosures for off-leash with double gate, and roofed sitting area.  I worked Sonic on lead outside the fenced area, and he was great with the two friendly dogs, and also good with an off-lead dog on the walkway.
Lower image shows a WIP in the Moleskine, using pen, will add colour another day, with my menagerie as the subject.  And a finished full colour work on Stonepaper (lower).

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