Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life Drawing Tuesday

Life Drawing Tuesday: oil pastel on Daler Rowney pastel paper, has a bit of annoying grid-texture, but otherwise nice and toothsome.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Notes from the Sketchbook, and Words with Sonic

Sonic keeps reappearing in my sketches. There he is, however, I'm pretty sure I'm the one who ate all the candy.
Oh, and here he is again. Actually, the entire menagerie is in this picture. I won't be adding pastel to this one, really think it's done in spare ball point pen on white paper. Text reads "the 60's were a time of great hope and change".
And here he is, his first moment of defiance. I've been playing 'red light, green light' to his leash habits, ie, he pulls, I stop, he gives me eye-contact, I continue on my way. Worked great, he's all of 30 lbs, easy peasy, until today; he's figured it out and deemed it NOT FUN, leashes smeetches.

Notes from the Sketchbook

I probably listen to too many science podcasts, as I have all these words jumbled in my head, and they will come out.
I'm still finishing up my 'stone paper' sketchbook. It is full, but I go back and layer over things, and there are still a few pages that could use more explorations. Sometimes the finish is simple, though. This one only got a few bright spots of colour and done. Sometimes less is more.

Another easy finish. A few good words in permanent marker, some rainbow oil pastels, done. This is also the closing page of my sketchbook, which is a bit like a teaser for more to follow.


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