Friday, February 5, 2016

Notes from the Sketchbook, and Words with Sonic

Sonic keeps reappearing in my sketches. There he is, however, I'm pretty sure I'm the one who ate all the candy.
Oh, and here he is again. Actually, the entire menagerie is in this picture. I won't be adding pastel to this one, really think it's done in spare ball point pen on white paper. Text reads "the 60's were a time of great hope and change".
And here he is, his first moment of defiance. I've been playing 'red light, green light' to his leash habits, ie, he pulls, I stop, he gives me eye-contact, I continue on my way. Worked great, he's all of 30 lbs, easy peasy, until today; he's figured it out and deemed it NOT FUN, leashes smeetches.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I know that look well lol

no leash laws here so Sky is hardly on one. She is actually better off lead, listens more, either hand cues,whistles or voice commands. we do have one in the car and house (just in case), but she is so bonded to John, sticks like glue to him.

dogs can be off lead as long as they are in control. aggressive dogs must be either muzzled or on a lead. there are strict laws for aggressive dogs, not that that stops people :/ a dog does need to be on a lead near livestock and in some designated areas, but on the whole the dog must just be in control "(by whatever means)" (actually says that in the bill for the law for dogs in Scotland)

kaslkaos said...

On road we have traffic, squirrels, cats, dogs, that sort of thing. Definitely need a short leash at home. In the woods there is wildlife, especially coyotes are dangerous to dogs, but many things to tempt a dog out of sight, so I need a really solid recall before I let him go. Hopefully sooner, not later, he needs a chance to run at his pace. And yeah, "the look", saucy. Means he's settling in though, if he's willing to cop that much attitude.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yep def. settling in if he is pulling attitude :p means he feels safe, which is good :)

if we go downtown Sky is on a lead, too many cars and people but around here there really are not that many, and none on the hill (cars that is lol). rabbits up there and the odd deer (and the odd horse where she is called to heel and made to sit until they pass, she's never tried to chase a horse, but you never know).

no dog parks near by he can run around in?

kaslkaos said...

I'm iffy on dogparks, still need to feel my way around that, but he's having fun on his longline.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I'm not too keen on them myself. Too many dogs with little or no training, or manners. but in some places its the only way a dog can get any exercise :/


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