Friday, March 11, 2016

Two 8x8 Oil Pastel Abstracts

Here's the morning's abstract.  Yesterday, I treated myself and Sonic to a trip to the local art store's which translates to an outing of several hours.  I decided to try some pre-cut hot-press (that means super smooth) water colour paper.  It turns out to be perfect for my oil pastel work, being toothsome enough to hold the pigment, but smooth enough for good solid colour coverage.

And, speaking of Sonic, just wanted to mention, he's keeping me very busy. It's a little (no, a lot) hard to ignore a young active dog when I'm home during the day, so I'm only slowly settling back into my (dog-adjusted) routine. I'm not good with change.
So want to thank all of you for still being with me reading, looking  and especially commenting. It makes it all worth while, and I apologize for a few extra lame blog posts (the last two should have been in 'draft', oops). Thanks for not noticing, but I will sometimes have to let the art speak for itself anyway, so I guess that's okay, maybe.
I have lots of sketches, secreted away, as I have continued with my sketches while leaving social media aside (minus ingesting hours of dog-training videos).  I'm not sure if Sonic is part border collie but he sure reminds an awful lot of Dynamo (my previous purebred german shepherd) so it's Dynamo-Redux, another whirlwind adventure--that took me into rally-o and agility--who knows where Sonic will lead.
Till next time, thanks for reading and looking--I am, as usual, ecstatic about comments.

Update: Yep, I never posted that 2nd abstract (technical difficulties, straightened out literally).


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

maybe mixed with an Afghan or Saluki? hard to tell because he is still pretty young but his face reminds me of an Saluki Border Collie cross

and you don't have to make any excuses for lame posts, (not lame tho), or ignoring social media, you have a new, very busy body dog :)

Michelle B. Hendry said...

Nope no reason to worry! Enjoying all the posts and hearing about Sonic too! (Cat person here. Dog is foreign) :-)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer, as for breed, probably most accurately a West Indian street-dog. I think the Saluki look is from that, the street dogs all have this subtle 'exotic' (to me) look, regardless of size and colour-genetically fascinating.
Michelle, cats coming up. I'm a cat-person too (love all cats, with dogs, I'm much more selective).


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