Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More sketchbook in bite sized (less than 2 minutes) chunks on youtube.

More sketchbook in bite sized (less than 2 minutes) chunks on youtube.
My little sketchbook, part II
Some black and whites, just plain old ball point pen, and abstracts in oil pastel where the colours really start to flow.
And cute pets, Sonic and Riker waiting for supper.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

another nice video :) ever thought about doing a voice over in them?

good to see cats and dogs sitting nicely by each other, Sky would never do that lol

kaslkaos said...

I think I wouldn't know what to say? But with this, I'm actually using a youtube tool to turn my still images into a video, and the tool has music to add. Simple stuff. Maybe captions, hand lettered, I love hand lettering, but still, what to say?
Honestly, some feed back on the videos is welcome--I have no clue.
Sonic is VERY good with cats, he arrived that way, Dynamo wanted to eat them and we got her to come around, so it can be done. Sky just doesn't have to, lucky Sky, eh?

Michelle B. Hendry said...

I love some of the pieces in this and your interpretation of a gryphon. Wow! Stories could go nicely with these. A video picture book.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle, giving me homework, eh? Honestly, thanks. I'm feeling a little lost as an artist these days. The sketchbooks have kept me creative in spite of distraction, but I look at them and think, now what can I do with this? Pulling out stories is a wonderful idea.
It is a Wild Canuckian Griffin--just appeared on the page while sketching at my friends house on the Magnetawan River.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you could just talk about the images, not every image just the ones you might have things to talk about. you could just slow down the images you talk about

and even is she was good with cats, John is horribly allergic to them

kaslkaos said...

I'll need to find some app for that? And a voice. I'm trying to add little captions in lieu of speaking. I used to have a phobia of answering machines, and even telephones, hate having my voice recorded (which is why I still don't have a cellphone).
Yay that John's not allergic to Sky.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

he kinda is, but just mildly :p


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