Friday, May 27, 2016

Notes from the Sketchbook--a little vid and a dog

Video/1 minute

Hi, I'm still here.
Still trying to juggle active young crazy little dog and art.  He really does not take up that much of my time, but is a distraction.  Sneaks into my sketchbook on a regular basis.
While going into hermit mode on account of minding my dog, I'm still making art--lots, but not finding time to share and present.
So I tried something new for my sketchbook and used a 'slideshow' tool from youtube to give you a reasonable facsimile of flipping through my sketchbook.  You will see Sonic makes several appearances within.
And on that note:
Here's my awesome dog.  There's plenty more where he came from (but none quite like him) from Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic-- they do fabulous outreach work keeping the pups well kept in their original homes, but when things fall apart, they look further afield.
And for those of you curious as to how a dog can steal away your time (and heart).
Well here you go (keep in mind, I have no fenced yard so leashed walks are necessary and often).
Loose leash walking
Short leash walking
Greeting dogs on a long line
Paying attention in the presence of dogs while on a long line
Visiting friendly dogs at the dog park
Paying attention while visiting friendly dogs at the dog park
Exercise walks on a leash
Exercise walks in the woods on a long line
Thou shalt not chase squirrels
Thou shalt not dart across the street in front of a moving car
Thou shalt not attack Canada Goose lest the Canada Goose delivers a lesson you will never forget.
Muscrats are off-limits too.
Mourning doves--ditto
Coyotes--oh gosh, please, never ever go after a coyote, you will be lunch to a coyote.
Please do chase the frisbee
Please do bite the tuggee rope
Yes, do the pogo! Again! Pogo! (he leaps straight up, all four feet in the air, at the beginning of walks. Yes, I encourage it, named it, reward it, fun!)
Walking backwards in front of me is fun too.
Hopping sideways, yep,
Spinning at the end of leash, yep, all good.

I'm also doing basic foundation training to get him ready for agility class in the fall (maybe).

Busy days.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

nice little video :)

"Coyotes--oh gosh, please, never ever go after a coyote, you will be lunch to a coyote."
oh yes please don't go after coyotes! they can do some pretty nasty damage :/

Quiltbug said...

Welcome back. You have been missed

kaslkaos said...

Jennifer, thanks so much for sticking around. I will try to be more sociable again soon. Your blog rocks! I love watching your progress. Sometimes I get tongue tied though.
Yes, the coyotes worry me. They are beautiful, just like wolves, big and strong and full manes of thick fur and golden eyes, and yes, that is how close they get on the trail. Mesmerizing magnificent creatures, but Sonic has no sense in the wilds.
Quiltbug, thanks! Sorry. And thanks so much for your comment on youtube. I am such a noob I can't figure out how to comment back, so this is my thank you.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

for youtube comments, hit reply under the comment to leave what you want :)

if the coyote are big, they might be crosses

kaslkaos said...

The coyotes here are all crosses, coywolves, some could be mostly wolf as the species are moving south not just through migration, but in a boy meets girl kind of way. What I saw last, pretty much looked like a wolf and nothing but.
Weird thing about youtube, is I saw no comment except in push notifications. Who knows, but thanks! I'll ge it sorted out eventually.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yeah it is very rare in a lot of places to find a purebred coyote :/


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