Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sonic says Yay! Abstract Oil Pastel Video Tutorial (2 minute version)

Making art with Sonic is, erm, distracting to say the least.  If I'm lucky,, he hides in the basement (in his kennel) to sleep, but otherwise, he just hangs out with me, looking restless, or watching squirrels, or pacing, or whining (at which point, I take him to the kennel to cool it for a bit).
Today, he was real quiet, but he still managed to get himself in the picture. Video's 2 minutes. Yes, Sonic is there.
Here are two of the men in my life; they look oddly matched here.  I think Dynamo was my match, and Sonic is his.  Dynamo was a B*** * (female dog)'; Sonic is a sweetheart, there you go.
Ugh, must finish this post now. Sonic is sitting beside me, heavy breathing and making impatient blowing noises. Sigh....


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lol Sky usually will leave me alone for a few hour to draw, but then again she is almost 7, so not as active as she use to be. but then you feel her staring at you from boredom and if that doesn't work, she will throw a toy at me :p

very colourful video and a lovely photo of them both :) both look happy

kaslkaos said...

Tomorrow I'll take my art supplies on a 'training' walk. We'll see how That goes.
Sky is very polite. Give her a cookie for me (or toy).


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