Friday, October 28, 2016

Make Fast Art--the sketchbooks

Yes, I said 'sketchbooks'/plural.  Sketchbooks are keeping me going, while otherwise distracted (aka-the Dog), but getting them finished/full, is a 'thing', and I have an old one, barely begun, that needs filling.  It's no-name paper, and not my favourite working size (this one is too big at 5x7), but it is started, and therefor needs finishing, so I've made it my Fast Art, Oil Pastel, Warm-ups sketchbook.
Which isn't all that fast, if fast is determined in under 15 minutes. It's more like Hour art, one or two, but at least that means Bum In Chair, which is sometimes the most ambitious achievable goal available.  I have a short attention span.
So here's some from this week. Words are a pretty good 'go to' when I can't think of what to draw, and often, they have satisfying results.  Words are evocative, and combined with colours, random or inspired, the combination intrigues, sometimes inspires. 

Sometimes the words get completely buried beneath a flurry of pigments, never to resurface.
My ball of scraped oil pastel.  I love this little ball, fun to draw with, creates the most intriguing multi-hued grays and the ultimate in recycling.
And a work in progress, maybe, or maybe it's done, abandoned, never to be seen again.



Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

so much colour :D yes, bum in the chair drawing is the most important thing :)

Michelle B. Hendry said...

So true!

kaslkaos said...

Jennifer, you set an example for all (daily sketches).
Michelle, have you started a sketchbook yet (secret, I'll bet)...
I'm glad I'm blogging again, & VERY glad you're chatting, helping me think arty thoughts.

laurelei said...

I saw your ball of pastel wonder in the pic and my heart stopped - oh no! all that color!! but wait, what?! You love to color with it?!?! YES YES YES YES YES! Of course you do, you genius you!! How beautiful is that!!!


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