Friday, December 9, 2016

My Dog Did Not Eat Me--but he is a time thief

Ball-point pen, sketch book & my Christmas bookmarks

More bookmarks.  These were drawn in ballpoint, scanned, inkjet printed, hand-coloured in sharpie and tape laminated.  The dimensions of a bookmark are quite the challenge.

And my time-thief, because he has a way of making sure there is nothing else on my mind.  This is he, life sketches, outside with a bone.  Trying to get him to stay out a bit so he can grow himself a winter coat, as he shed right back down to his tropical naked belly through the summer.  Text reads--Sonic & Bone/& squirrel watching/baby it's cold outside--let me in.

At least he's very much a fun dog.  High drive dogs are mixed blessings indeed.
15 seconds of fun

I'm doing dog agility instead of Life Drawing this year.  The cost is about the same.

Have fun dear readers and thanks for looking, and for sticking around while I play with my dog.


Michelle B. Hendry said...

Love the bookmarks! And your mythological take on animals. I'd love to see a large scale painting like that some time...
Sometimes it's good to take a break. I started life drawing this year and I loved it. Wish I had more time for it!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

he looks like he is having so much fun running around :D Sky would be like nope, you do it lol

kaslkaos said...

Michelle, thanks. The sketchbooks are great for style & idea development.
Things percolate.
Jen, Sky has plenty of fun with you. I'm just a dog nerd so I like training.

laurelei said...

He's brilliant! I love how thrilled you are with his company. And I love your fearless use of color. I also love that you know enough readers to make bookmarks as gifts. I'm one of the few bookworms in my social circle (which includes mostly family members, an argument for the "I must be a changeling because I'm nothing like you people" theory).


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