Saturday, December 24, 2016

Silent Night

From my sketchbook, these start as quick pencil sketches to get things going,
followed by ball-point pen (surprisingly, this has turned out to be my favourite art tool for the past several months)
And layered over with lots of thick oil pastel colours.
For the traditional, Merry Christmas, or happy Yule, or Fruitfull Soltice, or whatever.
My take on this time of year, is to say and do THANK YOU's to folks around me, and take the time to look up, and around, and appreciate this fantastic planet we inhabit along with all of it's other critters, like and unlike us. 
The sun will come around again, summer follows winter, light follows darkness.  Hold those thoughts in your heart.

And, oh man, I do love snow....hoping for lots of the fluffy white stuff.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Happy Holidays and hope you get your snow :D

ball point pens are great for sketching and cheap which helps lol

Michelle B. Hendry said...

It's 65F here. No chance of snow! Merry Christmas!

kaslkaos said...

Merry Christmas back. Thanks Jennifer & Michelle., Boxing Day, it's pouring rain, & the roads are iced.

laurelei said...

I too love a ballpoint pen! Something about the gliding on paper. I miss the old ink smell from when I was a kid. Gel pens don't hold the same nostalgia, even though they're so awesome I have more gel pens than I'll ever use, plus refills (thank you Amazon).


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