Saturday, March 31, 2018

Coffee At Tims-Sketching from Life

Who doesn't love coffee? Okay, plenty of people. Maybe you prefer tea. I'm a coffee person.  And I love the whole "sit in a coffee shop" thing.  And where I live, Tims, as in Tim Hortons is the best game in town, comfy, predictable, cheap.  I realize my choice of coffee shop says something about me. Nowadays, everything is a tribe. Apparently even the android vs apple (I'm android, btw) can tell you a lot about someones politics. I'm not going to tell you about my politics: I'll just say that in the Tims vs Starbucks, Android vs Apple, as always, and everywhere, I simply do not fit in, I buck the stats.  
This was not supposed to be the subject.
There is no subject.
I'm just trying to pepper this post with a few words to go along with some not so random sketches.
These are quickies surreptitiously executed while sipping coffee at Tim's. They are digital drawings, pen to tablet, but other than the medium, no different from traditional gesture drawings.
They are quick, because people refuse to hold still.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i'm not a coffee person or a tea person really either lol def not a coffee person after working at timmys, people get angry about their coffee lol hated coming home smellig like i bathed in a bathtub of coffee :p

kaslkaos said...

I always try to be extra-nice to staff, especially newbies. It looks like a tough job, especially dealing with the pre-coffee grumpies.

laurelei said...

I've always been a coffee and tea kind of girl, but recently I've developed an addiction to "aloe juice", which my daughter calls aloe water. Incredibly yum. Mostly I'm commenting because you don't fit in. I think you're the bees knees. Also, your quickie surreptitious sketches are INCREDIBLE. I'm also a yes-Android, no-Starbucks kind of coffee house patron: my favorite coffee house looks more like a local pub (mostly because it is), my fave not because I drink there but because they have great French fries, a friendly wait staff, a cosy interior and a convenient location (six minute walk), and they make me fresh coffee no matter what time of day it is. I also think not fitting in can be a really good thing.

kaslkaos said...

I'm liking your local pub. It sounds fascinating. It sounds like an awesome place, with much more atmosphere than a coffee franchise. I would love to draw there, I think.
I've never even heard of aloe juice-now I'm the country bumpkin.

laurelei said...

LOL I discovered it only a couple of months ago: my new assistant drinks it, and I finally tried it, but finding it was a challenge. I looked in four different shops, starting with the largest and found it only in the smallest, most unlikely shop. I asked my assistant later where she purchases hers, and she said all three places I couldn't find it! Turns out it's in the Latino grocery section where the good salsas and the Jarritos sodas are found. Which made complete sense: when I was much younger, a friend from Puerto Rico told me in his culture, aloe vera is used for more than treating injuries to the skin. His mother and his titas all kept it in their refrigerator, grown at home and mixed with honey and nutmeg, if I remember rightly and I might not, and they all consumed "a spoonful a day" as a sort of preventative tonic, or as needed for indigestion. By now, I've purchased it at all four shops, a different brand sold at each (the original flavor *green bottle* only - no mango or pineapple or coconut for me) and they are all pretty much the same - they taste like grapes. Not grape juice really, but like fresh grapes. More refreshing than water, somehow, and joy of joys it eliminates indigestion (sour stomach, heartburn) like nothing I've ever tried, no matter how acidic your dinner was (and no horrible antacid aftertaste!). I don't drink juices usually, but when I have a cold, I love orange juice - the kind with real pulp in it. This stuff has a ton of real aloe pulp in it. If you like pulp in your OJ, and if you like grapes, you will LOVE this stuff. And if you are like me, and love both and also suffer from indigestion, you will no longer like to drink anything else. Ever. :)

kaslkaos said...

I'll keep an eye out then, but I live in the sticks (farm country)


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