Thursday, March 1, 2018

Has Spring Sprung for You?

Heard sandhill cranes crooning in the woods yesterday.

It's warm and brown and squishy on the trails (that is hardly an
enticing description).  The lake is two shades of grey, off-white &
slate, as it reverts to it's summer liquid self.

It feels like spring, and it sounds like spring. The woodpeckers are
test-rattling on various surfaces in the neighbourhood, and starlings
(grrr-invasive species here) are making their sliding whistle sound.

If I try hard not to think about the climate change thing, I'm
enjoying the sun and the warmth.

About the image: this one started with a photo of a rain fogged car window, snapped for the sole purpose of eliminating the "blank page syndome", then drew all over it digitally, s-pen, artflow app on a galaxy tab.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

not spring at all here :/ snow storm and high winds :/ really? this is scotland, the land of rain, not snow lol

most of the birds here are being smart and hiding away

very colourful piece of art :)

kaslkaos said...

Your weather is crazy, ours too--all topsy turvy.
The art is digital, photo + s-pen.

laurelei said...

Florida, spring sprung back in January. I love forests, and anything that can legitimately call itself a trail, so warm and brown and squishy makes a perfect kind of sense. Not appetizing, but not going to keep me off the trail, either. :)

I adore your foggy car window idea! I love making abstract backgrounds. I'm not too good at covering them with other stuff yet, but you are amazing at it!!

kaslkaos said...

Spring in January, hmmm...we're still frozen here. Again thanks for the company--I am so glad I revived my blog, this makes it fun again.
It's fun to chit chat.

laurelei said...

I'm awfully glad you did as well. Yours is one of my favorite voices in this void. I love seeing things through the eyes of an artist. The world is infinitely glorious when one takes the time to grok it differently. ;)


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