About this Blog

Just in case you're new here: a few things you should know.

I blog one to three times per week, and never daily.

This blog is a journal in the old-fashioned sense of the word (a diary written with a public audience in mind). You'll find everything from brief and banal chats to extended creative autobiographical prose.

It is illustrated with my art and photography; that said, unlike other art blogs, I am not always determined to put my best foot forward. Along with my favourites, I post rough sketches, works in progress, casual photographs, etc... If you wish to have a gallery view without an excess of verbiage, please check out the "photo's" section of my facebook pages.

I am a friendly blogger!  I love chatty comments. I talk back. I will visit your blog too as soon as I can too (usually Saturdays) This is where I enjoy chatting the most--no 130 character limit! We can chat about anything from the state of the universe to cute cat stories. Really, there is always room for casual banter and outright silliness.

If you want to find me elsewhere on the web.

I'm on Facebook now: you can join me there at: Ingrid Schmelter; I'll be happy to friend you there. If you're not into Facebook and social networking.

You'll also find me at Wetcanvas Forums; of course, my user name is kaslkaos.

You can also find me at Atlas Quest, user name Ondine (this is my letterboxing name).

EMAIL ME:  in case you haven't already noticed is the right hand corner of the Blog Banner (Top Page Title Image)
You can also find me at Tim Hortons in Stouffville, in the nearby woods, and every so often on the shores of Lake Superior where a part of my soul will always linger.


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