Hand-pressed Prints

I print without a press and have no interest in emulating the machined perfection of modern printing methods. Instead, I celebrate the unpredictable nature of the hand-pressed process, exploring variations of repetitive elements blending relief linocuts and polystyrene foam plate with planographic print-making on gelatine plates. My prints are abstract, densely layered and textured works of art, adding representational or decorative elements to draw the viewer in for further contemplation.  These prints are monotypes (one of a kind) images.
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To View more original prints please see:
A selection of my original monoprints now available at Etsy.
Picassa Gallery: Printmaking:  An online selection of my monoprints.
Fine Art America (has 'detail' views), please note, originals are for sale direct from the artist only, Fine Art America's 'prints' are reproductions (copies of originals).
Kaslkaos Drawbridge Posts About Printmaking: to see works in progress, how to's and chats from the blog.
Please contact me for pricing and availability.


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